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Our Order Policy and Privacy Policy

Payment Methods: DifferentThoughts.com accepts the following forms of payment:

Visa   Master Card   Discover

Money Orders and Cashiers Checks accepted for mail orders in US funds only. Orders are processed upon receipt of a money order or cashiers check.

Company Checks and Personal Checks. are accepted in the U.S. only. Please allow up to 10 banking days after receipt for clearance of funds before the order is processed. There is $25 processing fee on all returned checks.

Shipping Methods & Rates: Shipping destinations in California only must include a flat 7.25% tax to the sub-total of your order. We reserve the right to adjust the total amount of your order if the appropriate box is not selected at the time of purchase. All customers must pay for shipping. View our Shipping Details Page for further rates.

Quantity Discounts: Discounts are available on most of our items. Not all discounts or quotes will be the same for each item. Our quotations are based on the type of item, quantity, lead-time, and what is desired to be engraved. Some rush orders may not apply for any discount. For more information on any items discount please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Additional Charges: Based on the judgment of our graphic design team, a touch-up fee may apply to applicable items. (Items which include font only do not apply to this). If a graphic, (company logo or design) is sent to us distorted, usually non-proportional to a selected item, additional touch-up fees will apply. Depending on the graphic, a touch-up fee can range from $10 to $60. Simple designs usually range from $10 to $20. Complex designs range from $20 to $60, since the more complex a design, the more time it will take us to convert it to our desired format. We can transform most images to be laser friendly (which are the black and white images below). Below is a sample of our work.

We highly recommend before placing an order to send us the graphic desired to be engraved and we can provide you with an estimate. Natural bitmap images (the original format of the graphic) and original adobe illustrator or corel draw formats guarantee a $0 touch-up fee. Note: a jpeg, gif, etc. copied into adobe illustrator and saved in AI format is not acceptable.
If ordering in quantities greater than 75 (within one order) or more than $250, touch-up fees or design fees may be waived. Some designs may not be eligible for laser engraving on certain items with limited engraving area. There are no setup fees for any of our items. If additional costs apply, the customer will be notified and an approval must be received of the additional cost before we proceed any further. Keep in mind that this can be a further delay to the arrival of your items, so an immediate response is appreciated. If an order is cancelled due to the additional fee, a $20 chargeback fee will apply. DifferentThoughts.com reserves the right to refuse any order, but mainly in reference to poor quality images. It is the responsibility of the customer to know the quality of an image, and the standard $20 chargeback fee will apply if an order is cancelled due to this cause. This is one reason why all graphics should be submitted to DifferentThoughts.com prior to buying any items.

Return Policy:There are no returns on any of our engraved items. Any defective or damaged item(s) must be reported to us by email or phone within 24 hours of receipt for credit or for a new item to be sent. Damaged items will require a full description of the damage, including digital photos so a shipping claim can be filed. All of our items only carry the manufacturer's warranty, which varies depending on the item. Please keep in mind some warranties are as short as 30 days.

There will be a $20 design fee on all cancelled orders and/or items. This fee is incurred when DifferentThoughts.com receives an order and proceeds to design. The design may be in progress or already submitted for approval to the customer. Regardless of your payment method, this fee will be assessed. If however we have not proceeded to design (within the first to 24th hour upon receipt of an order) the customer can be fully refunded.

DifferentThoughts.com will send a proof of your final design and will not proceed to engrave if approval via e-mail, phone or fax has not been received within the first five days of submittal for approval. Please note DifferentThoughts.com does not offer refunds or remakes to any of their customizations once an approval is received and a customer is liable to pay the entire amount of the original transaction. If we are unable to contact you (via telephone or e-mail) within 5 days after we have submitted a for approval design or layout, we will engrave to the best of our knowledge or what you have indicated in our online checkout form. If we find you have selected a font that does not provide the best engraving result, we will change the font to a standard arial font. For those requesting more complex designs, we are likely to contact you, so please make yourself reachable via e-mail or telephone. Once we proceed to engrave after your approval or "no answer" approval (stictly going by what you have indicated in our online checkout form) and an order and/or item is cancelled, the cancellation fee will be the entire cost of the order/item due to loss of time and cost of material(s). To circumvent any possible cancellation costs, we strongly recommend contacting us via e-mail (proofs@differentthoughts.com), so we can collaborate on the item you would like and get into further detail of possible costs. Please note: Proofs will be sent via email within 48 hours of your purchase. Due to higher restrictions with junk email, we ask that you check your junk mail folder before contacting us for another proof submission.

Disclaimer: All prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. Please note DifferentThoughts.com does not offer price protection. Due to the nature of our business the price you pay today may be different at a later date. Unless stated, prices do not include shipping and applicable sales taxes.

If you have any questions, please to do not proceed any further and contact questions@differentthoughts.com for more information. DifferentThoughts.com main objective is to design a customized product that fits and to achieve this, DifferentThoughts.com may contact you for other necessary information.

Privacy Policy

At Different Thoughts, we value the trust you have placed in us by selecting us to conduct your transactions online. The protection of your privacy is particularly important to us. In order to reduce the risk of fraud, Different Thoughts must ask you to provide information about yourself, such as name, address and your credit card and/or bank account. Different Thoughts takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously and will use your information only in accordance to conducting your transaction online. Selling your personal information to a third tier is strictly prohibited. Our order form is hosted by Verisign. By using the Verisign PayFlow Link your confidential information becomes encrypted by employing a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL). (Please note the lock located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen is an indicator of a secure online ordering site.) Once your information reaches us, only authorized employees of Different Thoughts are able to access the information and not any unidentified parties. If you have any questions about this online security statement, feel free to contact us before proceeding to our online checkout. You can also consider our other methods of payment, by phoning your information to us or mailing a check to us with our printable invoice option. When calculating ship time please keep in mind the delay for each of these methods. Thank you for considering Different Thoughts for your customizing needs.