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How much is shipping? Visit our shipping table here!

What is the engraving result on metals? Engraving results in a black color on bare metals. More commonly a YAG laser is used to engrave into metal. Our CO2 laser does not engrave into metal, but will mark the surface.

What credit cards do you accept?We accept visa, mastercard and discover directly on our website. We also accept paypal. For those that don't have a paypal account and would like to pay using american express we suggest signing up with them. It's free!

Can I engrave a photo? Not all photographs are meant to be laser engraved. Photos with a lot of grey, or gradual blending of light and dark tend to produce a very pleasing lasered image. Clear quality photos are a must. Marble, wood and tile are recommended surfaces when engraving your photo. Wood is probably the most popular to engrave photos since an extra darkening process can be added. Additional costs will apply for photo engraving. Please e-mail us your photo for a quote before purchasing any of our photo engraveable items. Most professional looking photographs are engraveable.

What materials can you engrave? Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metals, Ceramic, Leather, Marble, Matte Board, Anodized Aluminum, Rubber, and Wood.

How can I tell which wood is which? We offer many different wood types. Even though one item may have the same wood type, such as maple, it may not contain the same distinctive pattern or exact color shading for each item. To help you differentiate from our various wood types, we have provided you with the samples below:

Can you add color? Color can be added to wood, acrylic, or marble (when sandblasted). The colors available for marble are limited to gold, copper and silver. The colors available for wood and acrylic are green, yellow, red, blue, white, and purple.

Can I use any font? We do offer a wide array of fonts, however not all are ideal for any product. When selecting your font consider the material and engraving area. Some fonts differ in height and do not allow for much room in character space. When marking metal, your font option is almost limitless (if size is not a factor), but when engraving wood or anodized aluminum you may want to consider the space available between each character. Recommended fonts for wood are very basic, such as Sample 8, Sample 11, Sample 17, Sample 30, Sample 37, Sample 73, Sample 94, Sample 120, Sample 125, etc. After purchasing an item a proof will be sent to you, along with recommendations for the best engraving result.

Why is sandblasting preferred over laser engraving on glass? Sandblasting will allow for much more depth and consistency.

What is laserlights? Laserlights is an adhesive primarily used on woods. It brings uniqueness to your personal item since the laser can create borders by cutting the material or when engraved the result is a black color for excellent contrast and a different look. Below are some samples:

Laserlights are available in gold or silver.

What are WoodThins? WoodThins are thin strips of wood with an adhesive backing. They arrive in cherry, maple, birds eye maple or walnut and are used mostly on wood plaques or frames. One way to add variety to your personalized gift.

When will my order arrive? After placing your order we will send you a proof of your item(s). Once approved, items tend to ship within the next 72 hours, unless the particular item is backordered (in those instances, you will be notified). Smaller packages are usually sent out USPS Priority or First Class Mail and larger packages are usually sent out Fed-Ex Ground. Rush shipping is available on certain items for an additional cost depending on the weight of your package and shipping destination. For more information on rush shipping click here.

How will I know I have provided you with the right instructions to engrave my item(s)? A proof will be sent to you for approval before engraving any of your item(s).

Do you offer quantity discounts? Yes! Quantity discounts are based on the item(s), engraving and lead-time. Quotes are free...fill out our request form and you'll receive a response within 48 hours!

Who is Blasting Impression? Blasting Impression is a Different Thoughts Company focusing on sandcarved products only (glass and marble).