Different Thoughts

Each engraving line has the option for different font types and sizes.   To fill out the Font Type and Size Field, simply view (http://www.differentthoughts.com/font.htm) our wide selection and select which type and size (http://www.differentthoughts.com/fontsize.htm) you have chosen.   For example, if you have would like font type Sample 9 and for it to be (a size) small, you would select Sample 9 in the Font Type field and Small in the Font Size field.

If you cannot find an appropriate font after browsing our selection, you have the option to use a common type font such as Times New Roman.   If you decide to use this option provide the name of the font in an e-mail with the reference of your order number as the subject header.

If you have a particular font you would like to use, e-mail us the font type file and we will include it in your design where you have indicated it to be used.   If we do not have the compatible font of your choice we will contact you.

Where is your clipart?? http://www.differentthoughts.com/clipart.htm

Please keep in mind that we will always send proof's via e-mail before proceeding to engrave. This is to circumvent any misunderstandings or confusions within our online checkout forms.

Be very cautious when filling out our online forms since default values are placed in the font type and size fields.  (As a general rule, more important information is usually largest, such as name and award type.)  If a font size you have selected is too large for the item you have selected, we will re-size it at our own discretion.

REMINDER: Before submitting your order to us, please double check all spelling.   If you are ordering two of the same items, but with different engraving needs, please fill out each order separately.   For instance, if you are ordering a Red Alder Plaque, for two different people or with different engraving needs, you will have to buy #1 first, filling out the necessary fields, then add to your cart, and then buy #2, filling out the necessary fields, and add to your cart.  (The two items can be in the same order but must be filled out separately as each requires different engraving.)

If you would like to engrave more lines than what we offer on our online ordering form, please contact us. Further customizing is also available, contact us for more details.